How Do Your Meetings Measure Up To Our FREE Checklist?
02 Dec

How Do Your Meetings Measure Up To Our FREE Checklist?

Last time, we helped you to make your meetings matter and we’re back with some more tips and a FREE checklist to benchmark your meetings against.


Keep these three things in mind for your meetings:

  1. The meeting should achieve its objective – so it’s best to be clear what that is before you start.


  1. The meeting should take up a minimum amount of time – so use time wisely.
  2. The meeting should leave participants feeling that their attendance was worthwhile – so make sure they feel included.


Download our handy checklist for planning and facilitating better meetings and let us know how your meetings measure up against it!


Meeting Checklist from Right Trax Training


At Right Trax Training, we specialise in developing your business through your key asset; your people. Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your people to get more from their meetings!


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