How Effective Are You Really?
02 Sep

How Effective Are You Really?

All of us are being challenged about our effectiveness both from a business and individual perspective, but how can we tune in to what makes us truly ‘effective’?

According to the management guru Peter Drucker “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. This means it’s not just about achieving a goal, because this could be done in a very wasteful, time consuming or poor way. It’s about making the best use of our time and taking advantage of the personal resources at our disposal.

Achieving our goals efficiently is just like getting the best possible return on a financial investment. In fact, personally effective people are more than just people who get what they want; they have two qualities:

  1. They make good use of their resources.
  2. They’re skilled at achieving their goals.
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Being effective means a combination of efficiency and skilled execution. People are personally effective in different ways because everyone has different goals, values and priorities. For those people who are personally effective, they make good use of their skills rather than squander them and they use them to achieve their goals, doing so in a way that is efficient and cost effective.

Have you ever considered the different types of goals that mean something to you?

  1. Getting your work done to high quality standards
  2. Taking care of the family and making them happy
  3. Career advancement
  4. Influencing people
  5. Making and keeping new friends
  6. Earning a lot of money
  7. Earning the respect of colleagues
  8. Becoming an expert in your field

This list is just an example of some goals; yours may well be different, but it is important to identify your skills to get the best return on your efforts and talent in order to become personally effective.

Come back next week for part two, when we look at how to increase our personal effectiveness by putting a stop to procrastination!

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