How Resilient Are You Feeling Right Now?
29 Mar

How Resilient Are You Feeling Right Now?

No matter how many organisations we work with, the one constant we see continues to be change.  This in turn is impacting on our levels of resilience during these turbulent times.

Consider these five tips for not only maintaining but growing your resilience:


1. Look after yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well and keep moving. Our physiology heavily influences our readiness to deal with the challenges life throws at us.

2. Be thankful. AKA: have a half-full glass! We can choose to look at our life and be thankful of the positive elements whilst acknowledging what we may like to improve, rather than focus on the negative.

3. Have perspective. Life moves so fast; how often do we ever just stop to take stock of the importance of what is actually happening? Teach yourself to stop, take stock and ask yourself: just how important is this really?

4. Be the change. You need to accept this: change happens. That’s not going to change (!), and it’s not going to go away, so shift your perception of change and embrace whatever opportunities it can offer.

5. Know what makes you tick. By increasing our levels of self-awareness, we become more attuned to our style, our preferences and how we react inwardly to outwardly events. Do more to understand yourself.


By developing our outlook we can truly prepare ourselves for the constant challenges our professional and personal lives throw at us each day.


Get in touch to find out how Right Trax Training can help you and your people perform at their best.


Thanks and remember: be resilient!

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