Do You Put the “PRO” in Procrastinate?
09 Sep

Do You Put the “PRO” in Procrastinate?

Charles Dickens wrote that “Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him”. Here we look at how to increase your personal effectiveness by doing just that.

Last week, we asked ‘how effective are you really?‘ Do you always feel on top of your workload or do you get overwhelmed with the amount you have to do and never seem able to find more time?

Well the truth is, there is no more time – there are only 24 hours in any one-day – it’s how you use them that counts!

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In the famous words of Benjamin Franklin “You may delay, but time will not”. The longer you can spend without procrastinating, the greater your chances are of breaking this potentially destructive habit for good.

So, how do resolve this painful and stressful issue?

A key thing to avoid are the ‘Time Stealers’…those pesky little things (or people!), that sneak up behind you and steal half an hour of your day. You know the ones, looking at someone’s holiday photos, catching up on your Facebook or spending an hour tidying up emails instead of doing what you know you really should be!

A quick and easy solution is to start to identify who or what are your time stealers. Start making a note of every interruption, whether self-imposed or imposed by others, and then review these to identify themes. From here, you can start to work out how to stop them from happening.

Procrastinators often find it difficult to get support; it’s all too easy to presume that the aversion to getting the job done is due to laziness, a lack of willpower or low ambition. Consider this though: through procrastinating, we often identify what is important to us personally. After all, it’s easy / enjoyable / challenging (delete as applicable), to work through something when we truly value the task at hand. So if you find your mind and attention wandering, ask yourself why and then identify what you can change or influence.

Download our handy guide for tips on how to limit your procrastination, to keep you focused and motivated to increase your personal effectiveness!


How to Stop Procrastinating from Right Trax Training


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