In a February Funk With Your Goals?
22 Feb

In a February Funk With Your Goals?

Have you joined the crowd of people giving up on their resolutions…

it may be time to step back, take stock and refocus.

How’s your New Years resolution going?  Are you still hitting the gym?  Off the booze?  Kicking the cigs?  It’s common knowledge that by February, most of us have well and truly hit the Wall of Willpower with our goal setting and forgotten just why it was so important to make a change in our lives.  So, it’s not too late to step back, take stock and refocus.

First of all, let’s forget about whether or not we’re talking about a NY resolution – we believe that if you want to make a change there is no point in waiting for a particular time of year.  Whatever goal you’re working towards, step back and remember why it’s a goal in the first place.  Why was it so important for you to commit to changing your routine, habits and way of life?  Then ask yourself if these reasons are the same; perhaps there are new or different reasons that will help to bolster your willpower.  Don’t allow that little devil sitting on your shoulder to try and deter you (he might say something like “It wasn’t really that important in the first place”).

Once you’re clear on the motivation behind your goal, take stock.  This is the part when you give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve done so far.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve slipped a couple of times, it might be that you’ve met your goal for 90% of the time; 90% is brilliant!  Remind yourself of the benefits of achieving your goal.  Maybe you’ve stopped smoking, initially to save money but you’re noticing that now you’ve stopped for a while you don’t get so out of breath taking the stairs – so you’re saving money and getting fitter!

So you’ve reminded yourself why your goal is important and what’s in it for you…time to refocus.  Set a point in the future when you can see in your mind’s eye that you’ve achieved your goal and it’s just a new way of living.  How does that feel compared to telling yourself there’s no way you’re ever going to get there?  Think of and act upon a couple of actions that you can do to get back or stay on track.  Change your way of thinking from making it something that you can’t / mustn’t / won’t do forever and ever (eat cake, smoke, etc), but that it’s something you choose not to do or do less of.  The very fact that you’re telling your brain there is a choice involved will help you to get there.

Good luck!  How are you doing with your current goal, and what do you do to stay on track?

At Right Trax Training we can help your managers and teams to step back, take stock and refocus. Get in touch to find out how.

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