Managers Who Manage…How Rare Are They?!
11 Aug

Managers Who Manage…How Rare Are They?!

‘Managers’ – the clue is in the title – but how often do managers fail to carry out the most obvious of things, like giving a difficult message or coaching their people?

It’s a topic that’s close to our hearts; so much so that it’s a constant talking point with our clients. At the most basic level, effective management will be a problem if you haven’t got the right person in place. Therefore, it’s vital to appoint someone into a management role because they exhibit the desired skills and behaviours, not simply because they consistently hit their operational targets.

Managerial excellence comes in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Whilst individual styles may vary, there are consistent attributes to look for.

Here are some things that the best and worst managers do – if you’d like to emulate or avoid them!


  • Aim to keep the big picture in mind and know your business well. This ensures that your team and department’s initiatives are aligned with the company strategy.
  • Be consistent in your behaviour – people need certainty. They also should know what to expect and be able to count on you in terms of your behaviour and expectations.
  • Treat employees’ time with the same importance as your own. The best managers earn respect by being every bit as prompt to meetings as they would be with their own superior or a prospective client.
  • Be brave enough to question your own management. Encourage feedback, independent and honest thinking.
  • Earn the trust of those you manage. Be credible and always true to your word. In short, be trustworthy.


  • Let the power go to your head! Power is easy to abuse and the best managers realise that their position is a privilege.
  • Feel threatened by the abilities of your employees. Be secure in your own abilities and work to build a team of talented people whom you can continue to develop.
  • Have favourites. It’s human nature to enjoy working with some people more than others, but it’s unfair and a quick way to lose the respect of your team.
  • Lose your temper. The best decisions are made rationally and logically. Hasty, angry decisions are rarely a good idea.
  • Fuel the conflict. It’s your job to address issues or adjudicate in conflict situations. Management is no place for the faint-hearted!

It’s important to remember that as a manager that you need support too – so make sure you are constantly developing your own skillset and that your team can see this.

Right Trax Training are a learning & development consultancy who are passionate about helping businesses to develop their people to be better at what they do. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your managers to manage!

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