Yvette Kay (MBA)

Based in London, Yvette has had various roles in both training and operational areas and is a highly experienced people manager and learning & development specialist.  Yvette’s strengths lie with understanding how change impacts others and communicating this to stakeholders to ensure that change is embraced. She is passionate and committed to developing and motivating others with proven leadership and facilitator skills to create a positive and empowered environment. With the successful completion of her Masters degree in Business Administration, she has extensive knowledge of a variety of business and development theories and is also able to demonstrate practical application. Yvette is excellent at identifying key business issues and with experience of managing large budgets and teams across various regions, she is able to create highly effective blended solutions.


Professional Qualifications and Accreditations


  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Member of the Chartered Management Institute
  • Accredited Clarity4D® Business Partner
  • Accredited MBTI® Step I & Step II Practitioner


Consultancy Style


Yvette works in partnership with key stakeholders including Executive Management Teams to accurately identify the needs of her clients. In an ever-changing business environment she is flexible and adaptable, keeping the key values of what makes a great learning experience central to the solution. Yvette believes in identifying the core issues before recommending any solutions and her ability to take this into account is regularly extolled and is demonstrated with the number of projects that she is invited to be involved in.


In challenging times, businesses often look for alternative solutions which remain effective but are more impactful. Yvette has great experience of working closely with clients to identify alternative methods, however her primary focus is always on the quality and effectiveness of the solutions, working to the premise of delivering “right first time”. Yvette has developed a wealth of skills relating to training methods ensuring that she understands the importance of the learning experience, which helps her to expertly combine a strong commercial awareness with the need to deliver highly effective interventions.


We believe in providing tailored development that matters.
It has to be right for your people and your business and so it has to be a journey that is taken together.

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