Teambuilding – Make It Work For You
14 Oct

Teambuilding – Make It Work For You

Great teambuilding happens when we are able to better understand individual strengths to unlock how the team can be stronger together…

but how can you make it happen for you?


Getting to know you…

The team spirit can really be enriched by taking part in activities that involve getting ‘under the skin’ of each other, embracing differences and helping each other. Good managers can learn a lot by gathering intelligence about their team’s strengths and capabilities – and many unidentified assets can come to light in the slightly more ‘relaxed’ out-of-office atmosphere. Get ready to be surprised by all the untapped skills that can then be utilised and developed!

Truly getting to know the team allows a manager to better know what buttons to push to get the best results; and when to push them. Talents and expertise identified during teambuilding can be a hidden armoury that comes into its own when the time comes to solve problems and seek new solutions.

Investing time in actively understanding how a team thinks and feels makes for an easier time when motivation is needed.


Find out what makes them tick – and what doesn’t!

It’s universally true – we love recognition – but we also love respect. Taking the time to involve a team in some personal development shows them that they have earned it, and deserve it.

Understanding the psychology of people, and their desire to feel that they are making a difference, the ‘time out’ opportunity of teambuilding can afford managers the chance to reassure the team that the organisation is paying attention to their hard work.   Some heartfelt, genuine recognition and respect can go a long way towards building loyalty and trust. It’s amazing what a boost this can give to the team!

At a time when job insecurity is rife, and there can be lots of uncertainty, taking the time to have ‘fun’ beyond the office can be a perfect time for an acknowledgment of what has already been achieved. Use the occasion to take a step-back and reflect on what has been accomplished and what has been learned along the way.

Celebrate success – together!

Today’s fast changing world of work can leave some people reeling, and very often not enough time is taken to acknowledge success. Teambuilding and personal development time can offer an ideal pit stop to identify why the team is successful and how they can continue that success.

Sadly, celebration is all too often a short-lived activity. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! It’s what we often crave, so don’t ignore it. Take the time to enjoy the moment and to acknowledge the team who all contributed.


In a nutshell…

Managers are only as successful as their team, and the effective ones are those who know their team members, and cultivate the right team dynamics to guide their decisions. Embrace the diverse personalities in the team and everyone wins in the end.


At Right Trax Training, we specialise in developing your business through your key asset; your people…and we can help you to build your team! Find out how we can help by getting in touch and let’s take it from there.

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