Interpersonal Skills

Even with the highest levels of technical skill and knowledge, we still need the balance that interpersonal, or ‘soft skills’ provides to make us truly effective. We use these skills every day when working with other people; communication, resilience, creativity to name just a few, the range of interpersonal skills is wide and varied.

As with everything that we offer, your interpersonal skills development will be tailored so that it is absolutely relevant and appropriate for your people and your organisation.

Find out more about our interpersonal skills development below and download the course overviews when you find something that you’d like to know more about!

Communication Skills

Communication is the simple act of transferring information from one place to another however we all know that it’s much more complex than this simple definition. We help you to identify exactly what skills and behaviours need to be developed so that you become a confident and first class communicator. Using fun and interactive techniques we challenge current styles and behaviours to explore new and different methods that you can take away and use in your day-to day life.

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Customer Service

Any successful organisation needs their people to have a blend of interpersonal and customer service skills. Customers want to be listened to and heard, with queries and concerns addressed effectively. Ownership must be taken rather than a constant need to escalate to others, and complaints should be addressed with empathy, understanding and action. Brilliant customer service is not a mystery; it can be easy to provide. As customers we experience it so infrequently that when it happens, we remember it.

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Selling Skills

All too often, buyers face an enforced and inflexible approach to sales which turns them off from buying. Being a successful salesperson requires a broad range of effective interpersonal skills; adapting our language to match the buyer, demonstrating confidence, building rapport and being responsive and attentive to name but a few. This two day course provides the essential selling tools and techniques needed to be a truly successful salesperson.

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Presenting with Impact

Presenting is not a skill that many of us are born with and it takes time and patience to develop this talent. Whilst some of us try to steer away from delivering presentations many us are happy to stand at the front of an audience, but how good are we really? This is a great opportunity to truly explore some of the techniques that professionals use to deliver confident and engaging presentations, using real hands-on experience to help you to develop your own confident style.

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Negotiating & influencing

These skills are considered essential to most leadership or managerial roles, however they are also an important aspect to many jobs and in fact are invaluable for effective communication in everyday life. Whilst most of us may not be heading up the latest peace talks with the United Nations you cannot underestimate how important it is to be confident negotiators and influencers. We use established techniques in real life scenarios to get under the skin of these two skills and blended solutions help to challenge participants to apply the learning into their every day life.

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Developing Creative Ability

Do we expect an athlete to win the 100 metre sprint if they haven’t focused on their training? Then why do we expect ourselves to be able to generate creative solutions when we rarely or never flex our creative-thinking muscle? We are all uniquely creative (even if we don’t think we are!), however in very different ways; what works for one person will not necessarily for another. We’ll help you to identify your preferred approach to getting creative at work, introducing a range of creative thinking tools to apply to work-based situations. This means that you leave more equipped to think creatively and having made a solid start in generating ideas to continue refining at work.

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Stress Management

We’ve all felt stressed at some point in our lives. Thankfully, for many of us this is a short-lived experience that we can manage relatively well, however there are situations or events that can put pressure on us, making it difficult to cope. With one in four of us affected by a stress-related illness over the next 12 months it’s vital that we know to manage it and be confident in discussing it with others. This course will raise awareness and provide a range of tools and techniques for individuals to address the issues associated with stress.

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Being Resilient

How is it that some people react to difficult situations and events well and others don’t? The buzz word for a lot of organisations is ‘resilience’ and we need to have it in abundance. However, there are different strategies and techniques that can be adapted depending on the person, their style and the situation. After all, we are individuals and don’t all react in the same way. We help to provide practical methods so you can feel in control and identify your own path to resilience.

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Train the Trainer

Whether you need to develop your own training team or are looking to upskill other people across your business, it’s important to ensure your Trainers have the right skills and confidence to deliver value adding training. We help your people to deliver structured training sessions with finely tuned objectives that deliver demonstrable results. They will also learn how to adapt their delivery style and put their new knowledge into practice, receiving balanced feedback to support their ongoing development.

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The Sands of Time Management

It’s a wonder we ever get anything done with all the distractions and interruptions we face during our working day! Rather than spending late nights at the office or weekends working, it’s important to create a good work/life balance. Time cannot be stored, banked or saved, so we must make sure that we spend it in the best way possible. Whilst this course won’t give you any more hours in your day, it will help you to be clear about when and where to best spend your time and gain those vital hours back.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is an awareness of your actions and feelings and how they affect others. When demonstrated, it shows that you value and listen to other people whilst being able to empathise and identify with them on a variety of different levels. By raising your Emotional Intelligence you will improve your professional and personal relationships, increase your physical and mental health by relieving stress and increase personal performance to achieve your goals. This practical course will introduce participants to the importance of Emotional Intelligence, how to develop it and the benefits that it brings.

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Effective Meetings

Meetings have become a daily feature in our everyday working lives, however we ‘waste’ many hours attending meetings that miss the mark, when much wasted time and frustration can be saved with some planning and effort. A great meeting should involve everyone and leave people feeling energised and that they’ve really accomplished something This course shares best practice in planning and holding various types of meetings for improved productivity and results.

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Being Interviewed

Interviews can be scary and even for the most seasoned interviewee things don’t always go to plan. Take some time to become interview-ready and ensure that you come out on top to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. Using a range of methods that you can practically apply to real scenarios, we work with you to boost your confidence and hone your interview technique.

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Powerful Development

How much time do you spend on your own development? This is an ideal opportunity to take stock and learn about your own strengths and development. For example do you know how you like to learn, what skills do you want to develop and what plans do you have in place to make sure you achieve your own goals? We will help you to see what your day-to-day opportunities for development are, as well as for more formal learning, so that you can identify your preferences to leave with a structured plan to put into action.

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