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All too often, managers are thrown into the deep end and expected to sink or swim, and development can be even more lacking the higher we progress as leaders of people. Being an effective manager means developing a focused, engaged and successful team, leading to business benefits both for the bottom line and employee and customer satisfaction.

As with everything that we offer, your leadership and management development will be tailored so that it is absolutely relevant and appropriate for your people and your organisation.

Find out more about our leadership and management development below and download the course overviews when you find something that you’d like to know more about!

Introduction to Management

Becoming a manager that is respected by others and can deliver performance from their teams is not easy and can be an uphill struggle for many. We work with you and your managers to understand the fundamental skills that will help them to become successful managers. Creating an approach that encourages continued learning and is tailored to support your company processes and values.

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Managing for Team Leaders and Supervisors

Team Leaders and Supervisors are in an interesting position; they must learn how to manage the team whilst still working as part of it. This can be an extremely difficult transition to make as they must show an element of leadership, gain respect and often make and communicate unpopular decisions. Difficult as it is, this transition has to be supported as they are nearest to those at the heart of the organisational operation. Providing this development will ensure that clear guidelines are in place, a range of tools are at hand with time to practice and Team Leaders and Supervisors feel prepared and excited about the challenge ahead.

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Powerful Coaching

Coaching is a supportive and positive way of developing your people’s skills and abilities which when conducted well will improve performance. Great coaching will also help to reduce discord and disputes before they become a major issue. Using simple yet effective techniques we work with you and your managers to become powerful coaches that improve performance and build positive relationships. This course does what many others do not: it addresses the importance of culture and mindset in coaching, then provides the skills needed to be exceptional at it.

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Giving & Receiving Feedback

The thought of giving or receiving feedback can fill managers and employees with dread. However this is a core communication skill that is used in life as well as in a professional environment and to learn the art of this skill will help improve performances and build strong relationships. You’ll learn powerful techniques and increase your confidence to become a master in the art of giving and receiving feedback.

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Managing Difficult Situations

Difficult situations are an inevitable part of life as well as a management responsibility, and something that many people find really tough. However, with preparation and a sound strategy they can become a positive and valuable experience for all. We introduce the most relevant methods and help your managers to develop their skills using real life scenarios and encourage continued learning practices.

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Recruitment & Selection

Reports suggest that replacing a member of staff incurs up to £30,000 per employee based on loss of output and logistical costs of recruitment and training…so when you do need to recruit, it has to be done right! Managers must understand not only how the process works, but how to use a range of essential tools and methods, and how to choose the best selection methods. We’ll help you with this, as well as understanding the legal framework and bringing the often unconscious bias to a conscious level. Providing managers with this essential development will not only ensure a great experience for your candidates, but also give your organisation the comfort that the best person will be recruited for the right role.

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Managing Conflict

Conflict is all too often considered a bad thing and something we need to stop. However conflict is often just a difference of opinion and doesn’t need to become damaging, in fact when managed effectively conflict can actually lead to positive outcomes and reduce animosity and acrimony. We introduce the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) to help individuals understand the different styles of managing conflict. Using practical tools and realistic scenarios we help your people to improve their skills to become positive in their approach to conflict resolution, where discussion is respectful and solutions are possible.

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Stress Management for Managers

Businesses lose millions of pounds each year when working days are lost to stress, anxiety and depression and with one in four of us affected by a stress-related illness over the next 12 months, it’s crucial that managers are able to identify the signs of stress and help their teams to manage it effectively. This course has been specifically designed to support organisations who have recognised the vital role that managers, team leaders and supervisors play in the prevention and reduction of work-related stress.

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Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leaders

We all know technically brilliant people who can find it challenging to manage others or work collaboratively as part of a team. To be a truly effective manager and leader you need to have a true understanding of how your emotions and actions impact on those around you and is essential for success. Introducing the five main elements of Emotional Intelligence, we work with you to examine your own self-perceptions and explore how you can grow and develop as a leader.

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Managing Change

“Change is the only constant in life” [Heraclitus]. We experience it everyday in our working lives and for many of us this is a constant challenge. When change is approaching, it is vital that managers and leaders take control and appreciate the wider impact on the business and their people. We help your managers to delve into the psychology and provide practical techniques to make organisational change successful.

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Making Performance Management Matter

The aim of managing performance is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and the organisation. It involves making sure that the performance of employees contributes to the goals of their teams and the business as a whole. Most importantly, it’s about empowering your managers and people to take responsibility for their performance. We help you to create an environment which is not about the paperwork or the process, but about the people and their success and development. We use a blended approach to introduce a variety of tools and techniques that support managers to take ownership of what is often considered to be a boring tick-box exercise.

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Managing Meetings

Have you ever considered the cost of all the meetings that take place in your organisation and how relevant they all are? In today’s world where costs are often challenged, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your people really have the skills that they need. Meeting management and etiquette are often overlooked by companies, however providing this opportunity gives your people the fundamental skills they need in the meetings they chair or are involved in to boost productivity and effectiveness.

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We believe in providing tailored development that matters.
It has to be right for your people and your business and so it has to be a journey that is taken together.

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