MBTI Certified

Ever wondered why you seem to get on better with some people than others or get frustrated when a colleague or friend just doesn’t understand a plan or an idea you’ve had when it was so obvious to you?



MBTI® is a powerful yet versatile tool for improving the performance of people, teams and organisations in ‘driving positive change, harnessing innovation and achieving excellence’ in 5 key business areas:

Team development

Leadership development

Conflict management

Stress management

Career transition and planning

(Source: CPP website)

Beginning with an understanding of MBTI® type, the framework supports an in-depth and enduring Development Journey which welcomes common challenges both in and outside of the workplace. The MBTI® framework provides strong foundations for personal growth and development underpinning enhanced personal and organisational effectiveness.

MBTI® may be right for you if you want to:

  • Have a greater understanding of personal operating style and how this may affect you or your teams performance at work.
  • Reduce conflict, enable change and enhance interpersonal skills by acknowledging and appreciating the differences with others.
  • Develop problem solving and enhance creativity by recognising individual contributions.
  • Understand how to see things from others perspectives, value diversity and welcome differences to create happy and effective teams.

Taking the MBTI® type assessment you will have access to a range of comprehensive reports which are easy to understand and a variety of engaging tools that support ongoing development.

General approach

Profiles can be provided to individuals on a one-to-one basis or a programme can be developed specifically for teams. Whilst the content is specifically tailored for the needs of your team, it will typically include:

  • Debating the experience of completing MBTI®
  • Agreeing expectations and establishing the reasons for the feedback
  • Introduction to the Myers Briggs® formula
  • The power of perception
  • The four dimensions of type
  • Explore the MBTI® preferences
  • An overview of your whole type
  • Introduction to Type
  • Action planning and Keys to Success

Get in touch to find out more about how MBTI® can help your people and your business.

We believe in providing tailored development that matters.
It has to be right for your people and your business and so it has to be a journey that is taken together.

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