Conflict is often considered to be a bad thing and many people consider that the world would be better without it. However, conflict is actually less about good or bad and more about how individuals manage and behave when it occurs.

Conflict Resolution Matrix

TKI® is a remarkable, straightforward tool that will help anyone who is involved in conflict. It measures how someone typically behaves in conflict situations and allows individuals and teams to discover personal preferences and whether certain styles are being under or over used.

A simple yet effective management tool, TKI® not only provides understanding of personal preferences but also identifies specific actions and tasks that can be implemented straight away. This then helps to create a more positive and engaging environment where teams and individuals are confident and effective in their approach to conflict.

TKI® can help you to:

  • Learn how to recognise conflict and develop effective strategies for managing it.
  • Develop interpersonal skills to improve communication and resilience.
  • Be confident when influencing and negotiating with others.
  • Develop the key skills and behaviours within your teams to improve performance.
  • Provide effective executive and manager coaching that develops existing skills and challenges current perceptions.

Programme Overview

Each situation is different so it’s important that your programme is developed to specifically to meet your needs. Content may include:

  • Differing perceptions
  • The impact of conflict and potential resolutions
  • Explore the five conflict modes
  • Recognising typical behaviours during conflict situations
  • Learn how to positively respond to conflict
  • Apply practical strategies and tactics for resolving conflict
  • How to welcome and channel conflict towards creating respectful and trustworthy working relationships

Get in touch to find out more about how TKI® can help your people and your business.

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