Team Development

Whether you’re a new team or you’ve been working together for years, all teams need time and investment into their collective development to continually push and challenge them. Our team development offers a safe developmental-haven to get involved, learn something new and radically shift performance.

As with everything that we offer, your team development will be tailored so that it is absolutely relevant and appropriate for your people and your organisation.

Find out more about our team development below and download the course overviews when you find something that you’d like to know more about!

Building a Stronger Team

A ‘team’ of people need to work well together and work towards achieving a shared goal. Often this is not the case, and groups of people are flung together without thought and then expected to rub along with each other until the job is done. All teams need time out to take stock, realign themselves towards their shared goal and perhaps most importantly, understand how to successfully work together as a cohesive unit. Spending time together in this way will strengthen the team and positively contribute towards theirs and the organisations performance.

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Forming the New Team

In the busy world of work people are often thrown together as a team and expected to simply ‘get on with it.’ As with any relationship, time is needed to build and nurture it and all too often this gets forgotten when new teams are formed. Focus on team building is hugely positive, however any team also has to have common goals and understanding before they can move towards high performance.

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From Good to Great

Teams that perform at the highest standard don’t just happen. It takes time and investment to create teams of people who work well together and who contribute their varying strengths and attributes to make a real difference. We know that each and every team is different, but the component parts that predict a team’s success or failure are widely known and can be developed to make sure success isn’t something that is left to chance. This course will help teams to shift from well performing to a level of high performance.

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Developing Team Creativity

Do we expect a sports team to hold the cup high when they’ve been neglecting their training? Then why do we expect our own teams to be able to generate powerful solutions if they slack on developing their creative potential? Take time out to flex your creative muscle as a team, developing creative and work-based problem-solving techniques that are aligned to your personal and team approach.

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Navigating Team Change

Change can be stressful for many of us, and that individual stress can show up in how a team works together. We all know that the pace of change isn’t going to slow down anytime soon and so we must help our teams to work together collaboratively to successfully navigate change, rather than allowing it to lower productivity and create disagreement.

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Resolving Team Conflict

Conflict is inevitable when we work with others. After all, we each have our own opinions, views and beliefs, which makes it easy to understand how conflict can escalate so quickly. The choice is whether we allow that conflict to negatively eat away at the fabric of the team to create cliques, fractions and paranoia; or address it positively so that we can learn and understand more about each other, reaching more effective outcomes. Utilising the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument®, this course will help teams to work together to effectively resolve conflict, making sure that when it occurs it works to their advantage rather than contribute to their demise.

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Clarity4D® Personal & Team Development

Clarity4D® is an easily understandable personality profiling tool that gives a great level of insight into personal preferences and how these influence in a team context. Understand firstly how you view the world, and then use this newfound knowledge to adapt and connect to those around you.

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Myers Briggs® Personal & Team Development

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) offers a great and potentially profound understanding of preference. We are passionate about using this tool in the right way, developing knowledge of self rather than risk labeling people or putting them ‘in a box.’

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We believe in providing tailored development that matters.
It has to be right for your people and your business and so it has to be a journey that is taken together.

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